the gathering space is taking shape!

it is very exciting to see that the work is already starting to take shape – even after only a few weeks.

Please see below some of the pictures of the Gathering Space starting to come together with lots of walls already down and spaces getting opened up.

We are still working towards our final fundraising target – if you would like to contribute to our ongoing efforts please contact us onĀ

The old kitchen
The former rectory garden - to become part of the gathering space

The door into the gathering space

The start of the work!

there has beenĀ lots of changes right from the start since aura took over the site – boundary walls down and outhouses demolished. It is very exciting to see the very real work taking place straight away!

we will be uploading pictures on a regular basis so make sure to check back or subscribe to keep up to date.Boundary wall coming down image .

Hello and some background!

This blog is intended to keep everyone updated with the developments of our St Mary’s for All project which is run by St Mary’s Episcopal Church in Hamilton.

Our vision is for our buildings to be developed into a fantastic space to be used for the local community and to respond to local needs.

The building work has now begun with the excellent Aura Construction appointed as our contractors. We hope to be able to upload photos recording the progress of the building work and our ongoing work to raise the final balance of funds to fund the project.